Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weeks 5 and 6

"Final" results posted on myspace.

I've moved away from the four track. It looks so sad, sitting in the corner. I've decided that if a want a wall of sound (which I sometimes do) and I don't want a wall of brown sound, I'll have to use the computer.

Jason Cheese and Come Alongside have been re-recorded using the computer. When I realized late in the process that the drum machine hadn't been properly captured, my heart sank, thinking I'd have to start over. Then I remembered that I knew what BPM I was working at, and had only to re-record the drum machine and line up the first beat with the first beat of the old track. Gnar!

"Orca Straw" Working Title - Writing
This has been mostly detailed before.

"Orca Straw" again, working title - Recording
I laid down the drum machine first, then added the keyboard and the main melody baritone guitar. Keys went through the DS! then the DD6 on the reverse setting. The baritone went through my VT-22 and I assume bummed out my neighbors. These are paned hard left and right. Tick Tack bass came next, through the board. The acoustics went through the RSM 4 again and are set up to "talk" back and forth. I tried to play them almost like they were out of sync.

Now this thing sits and waits for words. I did post the instrumental version on myspace.

Fun fact:
My upstairs neighbor was on the porch yesterday after I finished recording. He says, "So practicing bass huh?" I always say the only thing worse than a neighbor that plays bass is a neighbor that just found out about ska. So dude only hears my bass parts. I'm bummed for that guy.

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